Perforated Shrink Labels

Dairy, Food, Beverages, Cosmetic, Health & Wellness, Pharmaceutical, Cleaning & Hygiene, Fertilizer & Agro Products

Hind Polymers Perforated Shrink Labels are tamper evident seals which are visually appealing full color 360° product packaging with an essential safety feature that ensures the quality of your products and safety of your consumers. Perforated labels contain perforation lines or a set of small dashes punched into the label surface which will tear apart along the perforation line. Adding perforation near the cap or the side of the body will give extra security to your products.

Perforated Shrink Labels Specifications
Width20 mm to 400 mm
Length100 mm to 700 mm
ThicknessUpto 80 Microns (Upto 0.08 mm)
Shrink Ratio50% - 60%
Widthwise (Transverse Direction)
10% - 15%
Lengthwise (Machine Direction)
TransparencyTransparent / Translucent / Opaque
ColorUpto 8 Colors
TypePlain / Perforated
PerforationHorizontal / Vertical / Horizontal & Vertical
Perforated Shrink Label
Perforated Shrink Label
Perforated Shrink Label