Chrome Plated Rod Sleeves

Piston Rods, Printer Rods, Shafts

Chrome Plated Rod Sleeves are used as protection for chrome plated / hard chrome plated rods / shafts, Linear Motion Rods, 3d Printer Rods, etc. We manufacture Chrome Plated Rod Sleeves (Plain / Printed) in a variety of colors (red, blue, yellow, green, black or any other custom color).

Chrome Plated Rod Sleeves Specifications
Width25 mm to 800 mm
ThicknessUpto 250 Microns (Upto 0.250 mm)
Shrink Ratio30% - 40%
Widthwise (Transverse Direction)
10% - 15%
Lengthwise (Machine Direction)
TransparencyTransparent / Translucent / Opaque
ColorClear / Transparent / Any Color
PrintingPlain / Surface Printed / Reverse Pinted
Hard Chrome Plated Rod Sleeve
Chrome Plated Shaft Rod Sleeve
Printer Shaft Rod Sleeve