Cast PVC Shrink Labels

Dairy, Food, Beverages, Cosmetic, Health & Wellness, Pharmaceutical, Cleaning & Hygiene, Fertilizer & Agro Products

Hind Polymers Cast PVC Shrink labels also known as Varied PVC Shrink Labels which are used as full body labels for bottles/containers/objects with varied dimensions. With a shrinkage of upto 60% across the web width Cast PVC Shrink Labels can be used for containers of almost any size & shape. Using Cast PVC shrink labels with 360° graphics, your products will be dressed for success with maximum aesthetic impact and marketing exposure.

Cast PVC Shrink Labels Specifications
Width20 mm to 400 mm
Length100 mm to 700 mm
ThicknessUpto 80 Microns (Upto 0.08 mm)
Shrink Ratio50% - 60%
Widthwise (Transverse Direction)
10% - 15%
Lengthwise (Machine Direction)
TransparencyTransparent / Translucent / Opaque
ColorUpto 8 Colors
TypePlain / Perforated (Horizontal / Vertical)
Cast PVC Shrink Label
Cast PVC Shrink Label
Cast PVC Shrink Label