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Busbar grade shrink sleeves offers excellent electrical insulation, mechanical strength, chemical resistance and heat dissipation properties for control panel boards, switch-gears, distribution boards, etc. Hind Polymers busbar grade shrink sleeves are designed for insulating copper, brass and aluminium busbars.

Heat shrink rolls are used as a packaging solution all around the world for high speed machine applications. We manufacture heat shrink sleeves (transparent, translucent) for everything from wrapping food products to bundling hardware making production more efficient and streamlined.

Heat shrink pouches (straight cut / profile cut / dome cut / arc cut) fit all shaped products and are optimal when your products are of standard and non standard dimensions. Hind Polymers shrink pouches are specifically shaped to suit your product and are ideal for regular and irregular shaped products that require a tamper seal.

Multi pack shrink sleeves are used as a high profile promotional tool which helps in increasing the sales of many major brands throughout the FMCG sector. Products of unique shapes and different sized articles can be bundled together as a single item with seamless sleeve replacing the traditional paperboard trays, gluing, wrapping and banding.

Hind Polymers tamper evident shrink sleeve help protect your customers, your brand and your reputation by providing a tight seal over the closure of a bottle or container to ensure the product is not tampered. We provide tamper evident shrink sleeve as neck bands and full body sleeves.

Hind Polymers handle rod shrink sleeves are used for covering handle rods / pipes / sticks of floor mops, wipers, twist mops, squeeze sponge mops, micro fibre mops, wooden broom sticks, rubber cup plungers, toilet plungers, drain plungers, cob web removers and are available in various sizes & colours.

Hind Polymers capacitor grade shrink sleeves are used externally and offer excellent insulation and impact resistance. The sleeves are cost-effective and provide an attractive and clean appearance to the capacitors. We supply capacitor grade shrink sleeves in variety of colors (clear, translucent and opaque colors), different sizes and are available in roll form as well as in singles.

Battery grade shrink sleeves / wraps are a low cost battery packing material made of PVC that offers excellent insulation. Hind Polymers battery grade sleeves can be used internally for making the batteries leak-proof and tamper proof externally. Hind Polymers battery grade sleeves are available in wide range of colors with good insulation for single, twin and multiple battery packs.

Gas valve heat shrink sleeves are used as tamper seal for cylinder valves. We manufacture gas valve heat shrink sleeve in a variety of colors (red, blue, yellow, green, black or any other custom color) in roll form for high-speed machine applications, singles / flat cut bands (clear and printed) for manual operations.

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